Happy 90th Anniversary to Sigma Phi Delta!

Posted by Sean on April 4th, 2014


On April 11, 1924, Sigma Phi Delta, an international social fraternity of engineers, was established at the University of Southern California. This Friday will mark the 90th Anniversary of this great organization. It has been a great run so far, and I’m very proud to be part of SPD.

When looking back at my time in this fraternity I can remember when I faced challenges; pledging, settling disputes, and making some tough calls. SPD has been a place for me to grow and thrive overcoming these challenges has made me a better engineer, a better man and a better brother. Regardless of what the future might hold I’m comforted in the knowledge that I’ll have my brothers at my side.  Whether it’s a hiking trip, an intramural game or simply grabbing lunch between classes SPD is a close-knit fraternity that doesn’t put brotherhood on hold during the week. I can honestly say that I’ve made some great lifelong friends, all of whom I’m proud to call brother.

When I asked some brothers of what they thought about castle day, this is what Malibu said:

“For 90 years, Sigma Phi Delta has been furthering the engineering profession. Every brother that is a part of this organization is a part of something greater. We stand for the good of the profession, yet take a grip on the joys of life. So cheers to the brother, cheers to our Fraternity and Happy 90th Castle Day.”